2017: Hopefully Better

I wrote a blog post last year–listing my New Years Resolution to my future 2017 self. Here I am today, my 2017 present self, writing back to my 2016 past self about my 2016 accomplishments and thinking about my 2017 resolutions for my 2018 self to reflect on…This is getting too complicated–now to the point!

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Let’s Stay Together

They say with every day, you see changes. Every year, you see changes.

This year…I wish they were good changes.

These past 182 days of 2016, this grand opening-of-a-year, has brought about moments that break my heart. I am yet again reminded that there needs to be more love in this world. I am serious. Love is a feeling, gift, camaraderie that every person today is poorly lacking.

As there is still hate hurting our lives and the lives of undeserving people across the world, we ask why. We always question why and assume that the answer is complicated and yet to be discovered, but to be straight-forward, it all comes down to respecting, accepting, and supporting one another.

If only it were that simple.

I am a senior in high school now, the beginning stages of adulthood. I still see hate within the halls of puberty-struck-en teens. The occasional mean girls who love to gossip and snicker about people’s flaws continue to pass my way. I only hope we see there’s so much more to our lives–that our purpose and right to live happily is beyond suppressing and hurting others.  I want to see that good change as I grow–as we grow.


Telling a story isn’t simple. You can blandly say: Paul was a poor migrant living in Oklahoma.

And that has no effect on you. Nothing.

Famous and well-told works of writing follow through with back story. It’s main focus is supported with small details that bring its characters and setting to life. It’s more than to just say something–writers must show it. They must use and create evidence to do that–whether it be evidence of non-fiction or fiction.

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Year of Character

Growing up and adapting into young adulthood involves discovering one’s passions for their future–a task that requires utilizing lots of time, experimenting in endless opportunities, and testing new waters. This is a struggle for high schoolers because they must waste their beginning years fulfilling mandatory curriculums and soon enough, are only limited to a minimal two years (junior and senior year) to seek out their actual interests. This is why senior year should not be excluded from our high school careers. After all, it is a pivotal time before being pushed into adulthood where we’re able to create more friendships, take chances, and uncover more facets of ourselves that will build in our character and future.

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The Beautiful Little Fools

Beautiful Little Fools = Heroes

banana goats

Picture: Unknown – Vitamin W

Out of everything we’ve accomplished so far these past few years, reaching full equality on behalf of all genders is still lacking. Men and women still share a pay gap, everyone is being limited to different opportunities, and the point is, these problems still exist. Even though women are establishing themselves as leaders, it seems as though that is not enough. And so,

equalityPeople have adapted the attitude that’s been passed on by previous generations that women are an accessory. By continuously living with this attitude, it grows into our daily lives. The Great Gatsby a is prime example of this. Daisy says,

“I’m glad it’s a girl. And I hope she’ll be a fool – that’s the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool.”

Daisy has accepted the lifestyle impressed  by society. She’s adapted this mindset that women easily…

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BTS: “Songs of Finals Week”


Video by: Cathy Bui, Delaney Millican, Jenny Do 

 Written by: Cathy Bui & Jenny Do 


Hi, this is Cathy and Jenny!

For our package, the three of us wanted to create a big video about finals week–in a way that wasn’t too cliche or had already been done in the previous years of BBN.

Luckily for us, Cathy had a mashup that she had pre-written for her talent show that she was about to throw away. She took popular songs that had titles corresponding to the dreadful week of finals and rewrote the lyrics to fit the theme. The original songs included: Lose Yourself (Eminem), Hello (Adele), Fallin’ (Alicia Keys), Beat It (Michael Jackson), Misery (Maroon 5), Final Countdown (Europe), Under Pressure (Queen).

Soon enough, this was our idea:
“Reenact popular music videos that correlate to finals week!”

And so, the ride begins.


For an entire week…

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A Life in an Hour

Altering my post from a year ago!
Our lives are basically one hour films documenting short clips of our memories…But, how do we know if it’s a “good” film?

banana goats

When we watch movies, we are observers. We are spectating a person’s entire life. As we view these captivating films that depict a person, we are able to capture their life in the confined time of an hour. One hour. One hour of the 100,000+ hours we’ve lived in our life we are able to comprehend a person’s lifetime of troubles, love, relationships, feelings, and emotions. Wow.

Films capture a person’s life filled with good and bad–their ups and downs. Films are able to take the worse parts, but then add the best to perceive to the people of the world how one can rise up from their mistakes. They nitpick moments in a life that make a person who they are–the moments that actually matter.

While that still shocks me, I can’t help but question what does that say about our lives–my life? Because within that hour later, that film–that…

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Break the Rules

I’ve taken into consideration how my mistakes and sins have impacted my life. Have they made a better person? A worse?


I’ve grown up surrounded by this idea where my actions make up who I am and to be identified as an all-around good person, I must follow specific commandments, otherwise I’ll be deemed as unthankful and undeserving for the life that I’ve been granted.

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