Toeses Are Roses?

Hello, fellow earthlings! This is my first blog post of the year and let’s just say the first of many to come. Before I explain to you about what my sister believes is a “ridiculous blog title,” I want you to get to know me, so if you got any spare time, come check out my “Tale of Me” page!

Now, yes, let’s get to the title! I’m hoping that those who are reading this are as well a big Gene Kelly fan and has seen Singin’ In the Rain more than twenty times like myself (If you have not, go to Target and buy it now. I believe it cost $10 and I guarantee it will be worth early dime). Anyways, “Toeses Are Roses,” is actually, for those who have not seen the movie, a line from a song (Moses Supposes) from the musical film Singin’ In the Rain starring the hunky and gorgeous, Gene Kelly and the dashing Donald O’Connor.

Why did I choose that line particularly? Well, when I watched films growing up, I did not, as creepy as it sounds, look at the screen as much I looked at the audience. I found it so interesting how people reacted to comedic scenes and dramatic scenes. From that, what I have noticed is that people love comedy. Comedy relieves you. Watching comedy makes you feel as though you’ve just lifted a ton of stressful weight off your shoulders and removes all sadness out of your day. That’s how I feel when I watch Singin’ In the Rain. Donald O’Connor acting goofy without a care in the world pushed me to do my best to make people smile no matter how silly I may look. Because of him and the movie I have learned to make the best of each day given to me by using what I have to make other people’s day better.