From Black & White to Color


It’s astonishing how expressive and creative today’s youth have become. As I research and reminisce on Shakespeare’s plays, Leonardo Da Vinci’s paintings, and one of my favorite television shows Bewitched, I realize that art itself has evolved levels far from what it once was. And that’s helped society today to finally encourage kids to share their minds and talents through whatever activity their heart desires–something I am grateful to experience and see in my everyday life. For instance, dance, music, acting, writing–these are only a few options to unleash your true colors and they have given myself, other teens, and many established artists around the world a voice of originality and passion.

My personal way of expressing my passions is through acting. Reading scripts and seeing how they can be portrayed through the theater is something I’ve admired most out of the numerous outlets of creativity that the world offers. What’s so magical about theater and acting is being given the opportunity to bring words to life; more particularly, bringing a writer’s imagination to life. It is enriching when you are given picture-less pages full of nothing but black and white words that represent the world inside of a writer’s mind. As you read the instructions that direct your character to move stage left and roll your eyes at character B, you suddenly realize that you are carrying out a story’s purpose. You are helping the writer to further extend his vision and mind. You are adding the color to those black and white words. It amazes me to think that such lively and visionary movies and plays such as Moonrise Kingdom, (500) Days of Summer, Wicked, and Annie Hall were all transfigured from nothing but papers full of black and white to works of art that will continue to live and inspire the next generations to create their own masterpiece.


All in all, we would not be where we are now without the inspiration of those artists before us. Without these artists, we would not have Banksy. We would not have the Lion King. We would not have the School of Athens. We would not have color. Art and innovation bring people together. They give us a purpose and make us feel free. So express yourself and create your art, for you could one day become someone else’s inspiration.




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  2. David Theriault · September 27, 2015

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    I love this exploration of theatre and acting.


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