Falling In Love (With Yourself)

~ Inspired by HelloGiggles post written by Sara Altschule ~

Love can blind you from remembering who you really are especially at a young age. With movies and books, we’ve grown up with this idea implanted in our minds that love is a necessity to living happily. Having that one person by your side through thick and thin, someone who truly cares about you and unconditionally loves you–that is the ideal dream. But because of that, some people feel the need to do whatever it takes and change themselves in order to achieve that goal. What I’ve concluded from observing those types of relationships is that they do not end well because you lose sight of yourself. You feel the need to have someone love and reassure you to such an extent that you are not able to be independent. You fail to love yourself, expecting your peers to guide you to feeling confident and beautiful. That is why it is important to fully love and appreciate yourself before you are willing to dedicate your love and time to someone else.

The way you love someone despite their faults is how you should look at yourself. Your nose is “too big,” your hair is “too flat,” your voice is “too deep.” Try to see the beauty and positivity in all your parts and take out the negative. It is difficult, but you have to come to realize that all your characteristics add up to create you! And it’s unbelievable to think that there is no one on this earth who exactly has your looks, your interests, and your style. You are one of a kind whether you like it or not and once you accept that, you’ll be surprised by how uplifting and wonderful you will become.

Generally, loving yourself is the first step into creating a sustainable relationship. Do not rely on someone to fulfill the duties of making you feel beautiful and amazing. Establish that for yourself. You must learn to form your own self worth and love by giving yourself your full attention and spending time with just you. And once you are able to fall in love with yourself, love will take its toll.



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