Please Don’t Take My World.


Your parents love you. Your grandparents love you. Your siblings, cousins, guardians, and friends all love you. There no doubt about it. And if there’s one thing we have in common, it is that we all have people in our lives that want us to succeed and achieve great things simply because they love us. For myself, I am beyond grateful to have people who care about me and only want the best for my future, but there are times where I take their massive amount of love and care for granted and start to be greedy. Although, another part of me starts to negotiate with my conscience telling me that there are reasonable explanations as to why I have the right to have these feelings.

For instance, I come from a family with very high expectations–a family that has dedicated countless years of hard work to get to where they are today. Because of this, they believe that I should use my time wisely as in not waste my high school career on activities that would not benefit my chances into receiving a high-paying career, or in their dictionary of words, into a high-paying medical career. I am constantly reminded to dedicate these four important years of my life into studying hard, acing tests, and volunteering in the community (but of course their terms of “community” only means “hospital”). Hard enough as it is for me to hear this outline of how my life should play out, right after being told this, they always strike me with the line, “Only do that and we will be happy.” That’s when the greed sinks in. That’s when I start to cross the line of defense. And that’s when my mind starts to explode with the line are you kidding me?!

Don’t get me wrong, I can see how their main intentions for pressuring me into this certain lifestyle is for the purpose of a secure future, but I personally have a totally opposite plan mapped out for my future. When sharing my desire to get into business and advertising, I am shut down for it does not align with their plan for me. Those are the times when I feel as though my own happiness is not respected. I feel the need of having people who moreso care for my plan and want to help push me into achieving that plan. First of all, in response to their telling me to dedicate all my years of high school into schooling, I disagree. High school consist of four years. Four, yet seemingly long, but actually short years. I believe this small fraction of your life is a time where you’re still uncovering different facets of yourself and you’re still developing into the person you want to be. And so, you should not be focusing on following a path where you find no passion in. You should explore all your options and participate in clubs and events pertaining to your interests! Make the best of all your extracurricular activities and find what makes you happy–what will help shape your world into something you love.

What I’ve come to realize is that my life means my choices. My choices are made in my world. My world needs to develop into something of my own–solely based on my decisions. And it’s great to have people who want to stand by you and lead you toward their idea of success, but as loving as those people may be, don’t give them the right to take your world into their hands and direct you into a place where you have no intention of being. Hold on to your world and take it to where you want to go. Find your happiness, wherever it may be, and do what you must to achieve it.



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