“Changing Lives One Smile At A Time”


A smile is powerful. A smile is uplifting. A smile can turn someone’s horrible day around. That is why I believe that a smile can profoundly impact a life.

First of all, no, I am not some creepy and obsessive girl who has an extreme love for teeth, but I am someone who really appreciates the effort of sharing an emotion through a simple act of kindness such as, smiling at someone you may not be acquainted with. This is why I have devoted a large amount of my time into the small, non-profit club, Operation Smile. Operation Smile is an international organization that helps raise money for children throughout the world with facial deformities like cleft lips and palates for their surgeries. We strive to provide sustainable healthcare for children and families and like our slogans says, “change lives one smile at a time.”

The reason why I care for this organization so much is because I find that your smile is a key to gaining happiness. I believe that, in order to have an extraordinary day, you must start off by leaving your house proud and confident of who you are. And for many of us we consider our looks as a big aspect to who we are, as vain as that may sound. And so, we all wake up in the morning, stand up, brush our teeth, stare at our reflections and, doubt it as much as you want, we pose, dance, and smile. We display different looks to ourselves, searching for the the beautiful and fitting ones to “show off” to the world. But unfortunately, it is difficult for some people to find their “best” poses and smiles, and basically find that beauty in themselves because they do not feel like they “fit in.” We’ve somehow created this standard for how you should and should not look, so that those with “irregular” characteristics do not align with this definition of beauty. I think that is where Operation Smile is able to help them find their confidence to smile and find their true smile to show to the world.

Not only that, but like I said, a smile can make another person’s awful mood turn upside down. You may be upset as you walk out of your Chemistry class after receiving a poor score on a test, leave your volleyball practice, bummed out that you didn’t do as well as you had hoped for, or as you leave an audition, finding out that you didn’t receive the part that you had wanted, but from my experience, I’ve found that as I walk away from those tough situations that lower my self esteem, I am always brought back up by the simplest and kindest acts by those who care for me and even those who I do not even know. It’s reassuring to have those people smile at me when they see that I’m having a rough day.

Overall, I am so grateful to be able to participate in an organization that does much more than help raise money for children’s surgeries. I look at this as an opportunity to help give children the ability to be confident, to feel beautiful, to have self love, and to use that happiness that they’ve gained to pass it on to those who might be experiencing the same problems as them. With the help of those who have found their beauty and confidence, I am positive that we will “change lives one smile at a time” faster than we could ever imagine.



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