Lessons & Blessings


“He has robbed me, yet he has given me something of greater value . . . he has given to me myself.”


“He has robbed me,” who?

It had come to my realization right as I was reading this quote that its meaning closely relates to one of my favorite films (500) Days of Summer. Although in this case, I would replace the “he” of the quote with a “she,” but before elaborating more on this and also the ties between this film and quotation from Siddhartha, let us first catch up on what this film is actually about. Read More


How Do You Like Me Now?


~ Inspired by Shadows of the Day’s blog post, “What Makes Characters Likeable?” ~

We all have the urge to be liked by our surroundings. We want people to think of us in a positive light because the last thing we want is to spur bad thoughts in their minds when thinking of us. For this reason, some people, like myself, find it difficult to wrap their heads around the idea that someone, or some people, may have unfavorable opinions about them. And when coming to the realization of this, many of us start to questions why those people are not fond of us and we start to ask

What can we do to make ourselves likeable?

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Am I Beautiful?


Have you ever noticed that in glamorous pageants such as Miss America, a contestant that you may find most beautiful and standing out end up losing? And as soon as they finally crown the winner, you take one quick glance and you start to question why this person instead of the other? The answer to this simply is is that we all identify beauty differently. In reality, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And so, who is to say that one person is more beautiful than the other? Who has this great authority over all of us to say that this person is the most gorgeous women in all of the country? Read More

This Is Not A Race

not a race

Maturity is a package deal. A lot of work goes into finally being mature and entering the world of adulthood. To start, there’s bills, moving out, college, more bills, jobs, relationships, and what else? Oh, yes–more bills. On the brighter side there’s no curfew, no limitation to packing up on as many calories as your stomach desires (although some of us do this anyways), the ability to drive, and generally lots of freedom. But with so much freedom comes an extreme amount of responsibility so, what’s the rush? What’s the rush to grow up so fast?

There are tweens as young as 7 to 15 years old that are hooked on this idea of maturity–this seemingly wondrous world with no restrictions or limitations, allowing one to escape a child’s world full of rules. Read More