This Is Not A Race

not a race

Maturity is a package deal. A lot of work goes into finally being mature and entering the world of adulthood. To start, there’s bills, moving out, college, more bills, jobs, relationships, and what else? Oh, yes–more bills. On the brighter side there’s no curfew, no limitation to packing up on as many calories as your stomach desires (although some of us do this anyways), the ability to drive, and generally lots of freedom. But with so much freedom comes an extreme amount of responsibility so, what’s the rush? What’s the rush to grow up so fast?

There are tweens as young as 7 to 15 years old that are hooked on this idea of maturity–this seemingly wondrous world with no restrictions or limitations, allowing one to escape a child’s world full of rules. They’re eager to put on make-up, explore the rated R side of the theater, and own every updated gadget that Apple has to offer. They are tempted by the hip and latest trends promoted by faces and voices of maturity that they’ll pull away from the toy trucks and Disney movie lifestyle of a child and enter the deadly stages of adulthood. They race for 18 when they’re only at 12 and pretty soon, they’ll miss out on the childhood playing and the innovating because they’re so focused on the tweeting and the partying (and not the good kind).

It is very essential to slowly take in all of your childhood experiences. You only have so many moments of innocent fun until you’ll have to deal with the serious matters of life later on. So, PLEASE. SLOW. DOWN. This is not a race. Like your first baby steps, first time taking off your training wheels, and first words, maturity is a milestone that will be achieved at its own pace. And no matter what, we will all find maturity. It’s just a matter of progressing to that point – to enjoy the blissful memories, to go through the painful struggles, and to learn from experiences that you’ll discover maturity on your own terms.

To sum it up, don’t hurry out of your childhood. Don’t miss out on the simple pleasures of growing up. Don’t race for this “upper class” and “grown up” idea of freedom. Enjoy your freedoms as a child. Take it in and enjoy it while you can, for you never know how long it’ll last.

“Always give yourself time to grow because rushing into things only spoils the excitement of life.”

-Marcel ‘CM’ Leroi


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