Same Old Is Boring


A letter to a picky-musical-hipster-in-the-world-who-wanted-to-collaborate-music-ly-with-me-but-refused-to-because-my-choice-of-music-doesn’t-“fit-their-vibe”:

First of all, I would like to say that I completely agree with you–that the only way to enjoy playing and listening to music is if you feel a connection with it because music at its best is of course when you are able to relate to it. I agree. And that’s why I love listening to different artists’ musical creations and I love being able to try playing it through whatever instruments I can get my hands on and melodies I can think of as well.

But I also think that, that’s the point–listening to THEIR creations. That’s what music is about. It’s about being able to hear what other people have created through whatever chords, keys, and words they’ve used. The point of music-the point of PLAYING music-is to find inspiration from those artists that you love to create your own. THAT’S. WHAT. A. REAL. MUSICIAN-INNOVATOR-HUMAN-DOES. Playing music is one thing, but when you’re performing you do not want to hear that same song the way it’s so same-ly written and performed by its original artist. If you’re going to go on stage and perform their music the exact way they’ve done it in their albums and concerts, might as well go get a speaker, your iPod, your finger, and click on that button and play it to the audience because no one wants to hear that top 100 song sung again if it’s not going to have some twist or spin to it.

You’re not supposed to imitate someone else’s music. No one wants to hear the same “John Smith” all the time. Because in order to stand out, not only music-ly, but also in life, is to make it your own-to take something, change it up, and call it yours. That’s what I’m trying to do. I don’t want to “fit the vibe” of a musician’s songs. I want to take something and make it so that it fits MY vibe. That’s the point of music. Hopefully you think about that the next time you do one of your next covers that fits ever so perfectly to this “vibe” that you claim to be your own.


*Generally: Just try new things. You won’t know what great things (*cough, cough, music) are out there until you actually give them a chance.


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