I Have It Easy…I Want More.


Artist/Photography Unknown

I’m not greedy, just hear me out.

I was recently told that I have it too easy in life–that I don’t deserve this simple life that I was born into. A life where it isn’t necessary for myself to get a job at a young age in order to help my family to survive–a path where I never truly experienced loss or tragedy over money, shelter, and most importantly, loved ones. And I was told that it was extremely ungracious of me to have an urge to dig deeper into this world of possibilities rather than keep this lucky and sustained life I have now.

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Haters Gonna Hate

Haters Gonna Hate

*Warning: Foul language is to be expected.*

You hate me. He hates her. She hates him. You know what I hate? Hate. Hate’s a hateful word and in general, hate itself is strong and hurtful. People today use it so casually as though it’s nothing. We use it so often too that it’s like we don’t even give much thought to whether or not we really do hate what we say we hate and whether we realize the potential of who we could hurt as we send that hate. Why do we do that? What’s the use?

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Fresh Off the Boat

PicMonkey Collage

There’s been so many wonderful and memorable sitcoms that have aired on television and with that, we’ve met families who we may have grown to love. We got the Tanners, the Cosbys, the Lopezs, the Winslows, and many more. And it’s amazing to see such diversity pass through television history because with every ethnicity in the world comes a different culture and story. One of the great purposes of watching family sitcoms is being able to relate to their stories and reminisce on our own memories with our families–although, this may not be the case for everyone. Read More

People On Paper #2


“Mend Our Injustices”

Representing an issue from the Industrialization that can relateable today.

My cartoon represents how we live in a world where women are torn from their rights. Women tend to be stereotypically advertised in the kitchen, sewing, and are represented as the only caretakers of their children while men do the “real work.” Especially during this era of the Industrial Revolution, women were cut from their freedoms-not receiving their equal share from their hard work along with an education that they rightfully deserves.

Although, through it all, women’s rights have evolved greatly and with all the tough period of times that women have faced, they’ve been able to mend their injustices.