I Have It Easy…I Want More.


Artist/Photography Unknown

I’m not greedy, just hear me out.

I was recently told that I have it too easy in life–that I don’t deserve this simple life that I was born into. A life where it isn’t necessary for myself to get a job at a young age in order to help my family to survive–a path where I never truly experienced loss or tragedy over money, shelter, and most importantly, loved ones. And I was told that it was extremely ungracious of me to have an urge to dig deeper into this world of possibilities rather than keep this lucky and sustained life I have now.

When I heard this, I just froze. I had no words in response because in that moment, all that rushed through my mind was the realization of everything–a roof, education, family, friends–that’s done nothing but been provided for me. I’ve never been rejected from those things. It’s as though right as I was welcomed into this world, I opened my eyes I was supplied with a large and everlasting, Costco-worth amount of people who’ve nothing but love and care for me.  I never experienced a time where I’ve lost that and it wasn’t until I met people who’ve unfortunately experienced that type of loss that I realized how I really do have it easy in life and I should be thankful for that.

I firmly believe that it is on my part that I would receive this reaction. I haven’t shown how thankful I am for the hard work of my family and friends. I’ve never praised their willingness, stress, sweat, and time that they’ve sacrificed. I don’t say thank you or I love you enough. It wasn’t until then that I finally expressed my admiration toward them because, I mean it with all my heart, I am very grateful for the twists and turns and the decisions that the people in my life had to make in order to give me a less worrisome and secure life.

But, I didn’t stop there. See, the title, “..I Want More,”–there’s a reason there. As thankful as I am, I think there’s a purpose for all of the younger generations of teenagers my age who are fortunate enough to have a stable life. Having a good life and living in a world where, believe or not, some aren’t receiving the best education or having the best living situation, it would be silly to not use the sources and updated tools you have to create something more and using that to make something more for the other lives of the world and yourself.

Also, I think one of the main reasons why I was told that I was “ungracious” was because I paved away from my family’s idea of life. But in the end of the day, I found that all they want is to see me excel and accomplish their dreams that they never got achieve early as a child. They wanted to achieve their American Dream and soon enough they did. With my advantage, not having to go through as much work as they did, I am able to take their achievement, and build on it to make it something more. We, the new generation, can build so much more for this world and we can only do that if we expand and dig deeper into what we have.

And so, I have it easy. I was born into an easy life. But, I don’t want to stop there. I want more. I don’t want easy, I want hard work. I believe that real goals can only be achieved through hard work. But I can never accomplish my own goals if I stay and continue to live this life that was set and pre-built for me. I want to establish my own life through my own sweat and time and build a life that I can proudly say was accomplished by myself.



  1. Jeff · March 5, 2015

    Great post Cathy! Don’t be ashamed about having it “easy” or not having it as bad as people in the past generations have had it. Whenever I think about how my life is considered easier compared to say children in Africa. I remind myself this: “Saying someone can’t have it bad because someone else has it worse, is like saying somebody can’t have it good because someone else has it better.


    • mrstomjones · March 5, 2015

      That’s probably the wisest comment I’ve ever received.
      Thanks, Jeffrey! I’m glad you liked it!
      And I love your blog title! *yay korean whip cream*


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