A Needle & A Sock


My relationship with my grandma is one that’s been held together with strong thread. Where the fabric of my life has torn or ripped, she’s been able to sew it together simply with her gentle and kind heart. She’s hemmed the stitches and helped me realize that life has its tears, but if you put the effort and time into repairing the holes, you’ll find that even though the rough patches remain with you forever, they are what make you the person you are–they are what make you beautiful.

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The Color of a Child’s Mind


In all my younger years I’ve grown up restricted in my house. Coming over to friends’ houses and enjoying walks in the park were never an option. As students in my elementary school spent their weekends taking dance lessons or participating in their soccer or volleyball teams, I was left at home with nothing but loads of math textbooks and recorded tapings of Full House, Golden Girls, and Family Matters on the DVR. What a childhood, right? As great as it was to spend my hours with the lovely Steve Urkel while learning my multiplication tables, I’ve always felt like I’ve wasted years of what could’ve been that fun, summer camp-esque childhood that every kid dreams of. The truth behind it all was that, like most, my parents couldn’t bare the thought of losing their kid. Also they were so determined to have this all-knowing and intelligent child, that they’ve always concluded that summers and free time should never be wasted on bike rides, movies, or jump roping with your best friend. But in reality, parents and guardians can’t expect to have an all-going, smart, social, bright child if they hide them away from the real world. As much as it hurts, they must let them experience the fun of life as early as possible because those experiences–not textbooks, tutoring, or television–are what will add the color to their minds.

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A Life In an Hour


Round the Clock // Photography by Carlos Mota Jr. 

When we watch movies, we are observers. We are spectating a person’s entire life. As we view these captivating films that depict a person, a person who is mostly likely in their middle ages, we are able to capture their life in the confined time of an hour. One hour. One hour of the 100,000+ hours we’ve lived in our life we are able to comprehend a person’s lifetime of troubles, love, relationships, feelings, and emotions. Wow.

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Now This Is A Cool Girl


Cool girls come and go, but there’s one you can always find every Tuesday at 9:30/8:30 central on the TV network FOX’s hit show The Mindy Project!

Mindy Kaling is a sensation. Actress, comedian, Emmy-nominated writer, producer, donut enthusiast–she does it all. Her witty humor is most  popularly found in the well-known show The Office along with her FOX sitcom The Mindy Project. Watching her show, all audiences can say that her comedic timing is impeccable and to think that she wrote them herself makes us respect her mind as an artist that much more. Read More