Cars, Boats, Planes, Puke–Oh My!

As a child, you look at every situation with imagination and positivity! Car rides turn into an adventure into space, boat rides turn into the quest to find Peter Pan and Captain Hook, and airplane rides turn into a disaster where your sister pukes on you during a fourteen hour flight. Wait, or was that just me?


I remember it as though it were yesterday. The smell, the feeling, and the anger that my mind infused right as I gazed upon the projector that read that we had more than five hours to go and were to stay seated and buckled for another two hours. And you know those moments in one’s life that can be replayed in slow motion because of how imprinted it is in their mind? Well, this takes the first place in my life of experiences.

But in all seriousness, I’ve never felt so close to my sister…So close that I wanted to hit her. If it was the wiser self that I am today, I would’ve been mature with the situation and not have used violence, but that was not the case for the eight-year-old that I was, so yes, violence was proceeded right after the incident, but what would one do in that type of scenario? Hug it out and find closure? Heck no. Also, as much as I would have taken the chance to take off my pants in order to dry off my right leg dripping with chunks of vomit from the disgusting airplane food that she had eaten, I sat there and kept my head up high where my eyes never once was directed upon the wet and soggy feeling that I had experienced.

Moral to the story: put extra pants in your bags in case someone throws up on you or–note to all airlines–maybe have a designated area for the people with motion sickness or give them a bucket or something more sustainable. Barf bags do not do it justice. But if the situation were turned around and one was to be the barfer and not the barf-ee, then have the decency to apologize. As awkward as it may be, do not sit there and stare at the barf–wipe it, apologize, do something. Maybe bring your own collection of bags and keep it handy on your lap–I don’t know, just be prepared!

And don’t be Mr. Bean.


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