A Few Complaints About Texting

It is so fascinating how our lifestyle has evolved. With all these fancy upgrades in technology and the internet, we have definitely developed a closed-knit relationship with the way we prefer to speak to others through those sources. Teenagers–these people who will be running, watching, CONTROLLING our lives in the near future–are losing that sense of interaction and capability to be social and to be strong leaders.
Technology, while it has its benefits, is blocking our young minds to see the value of the true world. With texting especially, we’ve grown a liking toward a somewhat lazy lifestyle where visiting a friend’s house or meeting up at a skating rink–something that expands your life’s experiences– is less appealing than staring at a screen, seeing nothing but flashing words and lights.
For me personally, I barely text unless necessary. I find it difficult to process what the sender is trying to say. And it doesn’t make it easier now that we’ve created all these other word options such as, “gg,” and “tfti.” I much rather speak what I want to say through a call taking or face to face than spend my time typing everything word by word, so this posts perfectly gathers all my emotions toward texting and communicating.

it also sounds like pineapple

Teenagers are supposed to be the “pros” of texting. I, on the other hand, am NOT a pro when it comes to texting. In fact, texting has always been complicated. It’s a great alternative to calling someone, when you don’t want to hear their voice, or your own. You can type out poop emojis to express fear, joy, pain, anger, but that’s what makes emojis confusing and people can misinterpret your message easily and often.

poop emoji

Figuring out the tone of a text can be as complex as watching shutter island at the age of seven. Key and Peele’s video about “Text Message Confusion” is a perfect example of how two people interpret one message. *Beware* profanity is to be expected( The title even says uncensored). You can always ask what the person meant in their message, but who wants to ask that regularly. It’s like asking someone what…

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The Light Is That Way


You think it’s the end. You lie on your bed. You’re staring at the dark, gloomy roof, searching for an answer to your life. You see no purpose. Where is my purpose? What is my purpose? No response. You wonder if anyone cares. You’re lost and confused. Tears start to stream. You feel as though you’ve lost everything. What is the use? She said life was made with endless possibilities, but you’re lying there with no emotion, no clue where these “possibilities” lie because you have no idea where to find it. It’s dark and gloomy.

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Be a Criminal


The future has its way of scaring about every teenager in this universe. What’s am I going to do next? Should I be a doctor? A writer? What if I fail? What if I’m not good enough? Ask anyone–these questions pop into all minds at one point in all our lives.

But while failure is a frightening possibility to anyone’s end-of-the-rainbow, that should not block you from being what you aspire to be. Whatever we choose to be, whatever we end up to be (and I wish someone was there to tell me this), from the great words of Abraham Lincoln, “be a good one.”

No matter what it may be, if you desire to be a gastroenterologist (and there is a such a thing), be the best gastroenterologist the city could ever find! Want to be a criminal? Be the best criminal the law would ever have to search down (just joking). If your passion for your future is powerful enough, no scale of salary or anything of that sort can block you from following that path as your profession.

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I Didn’t Know You Could Do That!


When you spend an entire year surrounded by the same people, only speaking to those closest around you, and using your time working and being caught up in your own situations, you never really do see the capabilities of others.

On a normal class day, students take notes, read their novels, and have discussions here and there with the whole class hopefully participating. Of course there are some timid students that may feel blockaded from speaking because of those not-so timid and more outspoken students that love to answer questions (which is not a bad thing).

The point is, is that when it comes down those circumstances, you get to know those more social students more than those who are not. With activities that routine us into the usual sit-and-listen drills, there are students who have ideas/answers and talents (and amazing ones at that) in which you never are able to see. You might have one class with that person–or maybe two or three. Little do you know, behind their layers of shyness or modesty, they fulfill numerous strengths that are yet to be discovered.

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