I Didn’t Know You Could Do That!


When you spend an entire year surrounded by the same people, only speaking to those closest around you, and using your time working and being caught up in your own situations, you never really do see the capabilities of others.

On a normal class day, students take notes, read their novels, and have discussions here and there with the whole class hopefully participating. Of course there are some timid students that may feel blockaded from speaking because of those not-so timid and more outspoken students that love to answer questions (which is not a bad thing).

The point is, is that when it comes down those circumstances, you get to know those more social students more than those who are not. With activities that routine us into the usual sit-and-listen drills, there are students who have ideas/answers and talents (and amazing ones at that) in which you never are able to see. You might have one class with that person–or maybe two or three. Little do you know, behind their layers of shyness or modesty, they fulfill numerous strengths that are yet to be discovered.

My english class recently had a project where we were to create anything–a song, scene, short story, video–that was comedic and demonstrated satire. I was hesitant to see the outcome of it all–what my classmates would create because sometimes presentations are awkward when the presenter holds back or when they are shy and don’t shake off their nerves (which is definitely a difficult thing to do).

But in that case, watching all the presentations, I was incredibly wrong. I had no idea my classmates were so hilarious and had such poise in their comedic timing. I discovered the most quiet people in my class had the one of the best presentations and videos. By watching, you could tell this project allowed us to let go and really expand in our creativity. What was amazing was the possibilities of ideas were endless, which was fun on the student’s part and gave an exciting mystery as we watched everyone one by one.

Having activities that withdraw from the typical routine of a student, one that makes them dig deeper from the usual book reports or slideshow presentations, give us a chance to put more of our personalities into it–to let go from the seriousness that comes with standard english/any class project. With this comedy project, as an audience watching the presenter, we didn’t know what would happen next, the teacher didn’t know what would happen next–the outcome was unexpecting! Each presentation was like unwrapping a secret santa gift! We never knew what to expect. It was by far the most entertaining lesson we’ve had and a great middle-of-the-year-kinda ice breaker of getting to know more of my classmates!


You all are so talented! I had no idea this project would turn out so great. Every presentation made me smile. You surprised me and knocked my expectations out of the park! I wish I had half the talent you have! STANDING OVATION TO YOU ALL.



One comment

  1. Madison · April 6, 2015

    Super rad piece. This is encouraging and makes fvhs look great 🙂


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