Be a Criminal


The future has its way of scaring about every teenager in this universe. What’s am I going to do next? Should I be a doctor? A writer? What if I fail? What if I’m not good enough? Ask anyone–these questions pop into all minds at one point in all our lives.

But while failure is a frightening possibility to anyone’s end-of-the-rainbow, that should not block you from being what you aspire to be. Whatever we choose to be, whatever we end up to be (and I wish someone was there to tell me this), from the great words of Abraham Lincoln, “be a good one.”

No matter what it may be, if you desire to be a gastroenterologist (and there is a such a thing), be the best gastroenterologist the city could ever find! Want to be a criminal? Be the best criminal the law would ever have to search down (just joking). If your passion for your future is powerful enough, no scale of salary or anything of that sort can block you from following that path as your profession.

What tongue-ties our decisions to follow these split roads of our future is that people who wish to live a stable lifestyle take their professions too seriously. In our minds, a “profession” is about money that we receive in the end of the day.


Van Gogh leaves a remarkable point. A profession is more than a piece of paper you receive at the end of every week. It is what you were “put here on earth to do.” It is the reason why you’re on this planet! We were welcomed onto this world because each and every one of us are destined to use our born talents to help and affect others. We were given the chance to live this life. The least we can do is use what that life gave us and make the best use of it that we can.


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