The Light Is That Way


You think it’s the end. You lie on your bed. You’re staring at the dark, gloomy roof, searching for an answer to your life. You see no purpose. Where is my purpose? What is my purpose? No response. You wonder if anyone cares. You’re lost and confused. Tears start to stream. You feel as though you’ve lost everything. What is the use? She said life was made with endless possibilities, but you’re lying there with no emotion, no clue where these “possibilities” lie because you have no idea where to find it. It’s dark and gloomy.

That is life. Life is a dark, gloomy room filled with no light–no source of light that bounces off from the windows to your walls. Life is not being capable of seeing the whole picture because you have no clue when the sun will go up–you have no clue where that small switch-of-a-button is located because that’s the way it was made. That is life.


In the film Up, Carl loses his light. He loses his one, true love–the one person who was able to help him find his switch and remind him when the sun will go up to wash away the darkness that chases after every human-being in this world. His wife was his purpose. She was the one who cared. She gave him anything and everything and was always there to remind him of those possibilities that are coming toward every life’s way.

To lose that is heart-breaking. Losing your love is similar to all of us. It’s difficult to weigh the matters of a teenager’s life to a man losing the woman he planned to live his entire life with, but in a sense one can look at it, for instance,  if you had your life mapped and planned out. You’re graduating high school next month, going to college there, getting your bachelor’s in four years, getting a job in the city, and everything will play out smoothly as planned. You know where your light is and all you have to do is follow the direction.


Next thing you know, you got rejected. You forgot to apply to other schools–what are you to do? You thought you were set, you were guaranteed that you are ready, and you’re turning around to find no light. That was Carl. But before you turn to the dark side and no hope or perseverance to move on, let me lead you to the light and help you find that switch because you think Carl gave up, but he definitely did not.

Life has its way of pushing us toward a one-way street. Life has its ways of making you feel secure with no cars or darkness blocking you from walking that street. But in reality, there no control over what hits or blinds you. No one is to blame and you should never stop walking that street even you don’t have a clue where to go. What truly is important is that you moved forward despite being knocked down. You walk that street and you will find the light. You never know what you’ll discover if you continue to move forward. Possibilities lie in every corner. And you will never uncover them if you continue to lie on your bed staring at the roof where everything you see is dark and gloomy.




  1. kelseet · April 29, 2015

    I love the way you compared the animated movie, Up, to our own lives. Using the love story of Carl and Ellie as a metaphor to the struggles within our own society and expressing our inner thoughts. I remember a thing that I heard online about how their love story in the movie was so breath capturing and beautiful and was only about eight minutes of the actual movie. That emotion and thoughts that people got from watching it were magical and made a lot of people cry actually. This was how your blog post reflected on me (I didn’t cry though, maybe teared up). Life is in a way like a street not knowing where to go some ways and what is waiting for you on the other side. Not to mention the fact that there is a possibility of danger and the unknown on that street. I totally agree with you on that. I also liked how you ended the blog post by mentioning to make sure to go out there on your own adventure and discover the possibilities. It gave me a good insight on life. Thank you! Can I reblog this post on my blog?

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    • mrstomjones · April 29, 2015

      Of course! Reblog ahead! 🙂
      And thank you, Kelshizzle! I’m glad you enjoyed it!
      Your presentation was a great inspiration!

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  2. kelseet · April 30, 2015

    Reblogged this on Murp and commented:
    Sometimes words have an unique way in capturing the true essence in life in ways that you can’t even describe it to someone else. It can help express your emotions for you and help you understand the deeper meaning in living itself while motivating you to quench your thirst for knowledge.
    This is how I felt when I read this post about life compared to the animated movie, Up. I found it breathtaking to view life in a new perspective, in the way of a street with its different kind of variables and possibilities. Not to mention, it helps show that there is an adventure out there for all of us just waiting to be explored.


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