Drive-Thru miracle

Probably one of the sweetest things I’ve read 🙂


I currently work at Carl’s Jr. Yeah, it’s not the most ideal job, but I needed a way to make money and this place was kind enough to hire me. Anyways, I could go on about how this job kinda sucks but where’s the fun in reading a bunch of complaints from a teenager. Instead I’ll tell you an amazing story that happened to me at work that is sure to make you smile.

It all started when I got to work 2 minutes late as usual. I counted my register, stocked up the beverage bar, and just went on with my normal routine. Little did I know that in a couple hours something I would remember for the rest of my life was going to happen.

It was nearing 7 o’clock. This is the time we call “rush hour”, which is when many cars come to the drive through…

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Operation Sock Monkey!

PicMonkey Collage2

My english class was assigned an innovation project–a project where the possibilities were endless. We could do anything. Create something, do something, we just had to pursue something! Something that has the potential to make a difference and demonstrate our creativity.

sockmonkeytemplateMy friend, Amanda, and I set out and did something that we shared a deep love for since third grade. With our love for sock monkeys and involvement in my club, “Operation Smile,” where we raise funds for surgeries for children in third world countries with cleft palate lips, we thought it would be a good idea to combine my love for sewing, our love for sock monkeys, and our passion toward the great cause, and make it into something that can not only help those children, but also bring back that sense of childhood for others–making them smile through the wonderful, cute gift of a sock monkey just as it did for us in third grade.

It was a long process. We set out and purchased thirty pairs of baby socks, five bags of cotton, hatched out the ol sewing machine and needles and got to it. Amanda was in charge of the cutting all the monkey parts while I did all the sewing. Once I finished sewing the legs, she would stuff it with cotton. As I sewing all the monkeys, she cut the fabrics and I designed the logos for our packaging.

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Bloggin’s Like Joggin’


Blogging has been like jogging. I knew about it. I’ve tested it once and a while in the past. I wasn’t primarily fond of it until it became a routinely and weekly act. As it was starting to grow on me, I’d gradually forget to do it now and then and feel the need no longer to do so. It was definitely a rocky start but later became something I am passionate about. I found it a great outlet to sharing my voice and seeing my classmates’ personalities through their words and blogs.

Note to future bloggers:


My best and most viewed blog posts were of topics I was very passionate about. They were ones where I couldn’t stop typing and had nonstop ideas flowing back and forth. What I’m able to see now is with each of these posts, Life is LIFE: How Do I Win?, Haters Gonna Hate, From Black & White to Color, The Light is That Way, and Lessons & Blessing, I experienced a lot of what I wrote. Experience is a big component to writing and expressing your feelings. Every word I wrote meant something to me and I believe if you pour your heart and mind into your blogs, then your audience will see that. They will feel and understand those experiences and that is how you will have a successful blog post.

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Debates, Disagreements, Criticism…Not Me.

These past few weeks, my english class embarked on a head-to-head, every-team-for-themselves battle called, “B.R.A.W.L.” where we debated on diverse topics that related to the classic novel, All Quiet on the Western Front. It was filled with loads of disagreements and difficult perspectives and situations and definitely opened my eyes in all types of areas such as vengeance, war, and fear.


I was extremely excited for round one! My mind was set and ready. My amazing group, J.A.C.K and the Box (Jasmine, Amanda, Cathy, Kelsee…and a box) studied all the questions with precision. I can confidently say that we loved and were passionate about all the questions in the first round. When we competed against the Sock Rockers, we were excited to hear our question,“If one “snaps at” authority like a dog snaps at a bone, how do we determine when power is deserved (page 43)?”

We discussed how power is something everyone admires and wants and so it’s difficult to distinguish whether power lies in the right hands. A process that’s able to acknowledge who deserves power is elections and campaigns. Presidential elections and campaigns last for so long (as they should). They give those who wish to “snap at authority” a chance to demonstrate their capabilities to an extent where third parties can contrasts and fully comprehend all candidates’ offerings for our country and who truly deserves to have that authority.

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