Bloggin’s Like Joggin’


Blogging has been like jogging. I knew about it. I’ve tested it once and a while in the past. I wasn’t primarily fond of it until it became a routinely and weekly act. As it was starting to grow on me, I’d gradually forget to do it now and then and feel the need no longer to do so. It was definitely a rocky start but later became something I am passionate about. I found it a great outlet to sharing my voice and seeing my classmates’ personalities through their words and blogs.

Note to future bloggers:


My best and most viewed blog posts were of topics I was very passionate about. They were ones where I couldn’t stop typing and had nonstop ideas flowing back and forth. What I’m able to see now is with each of these posts, Life is LIFE: How Do I Win?, Haters Gonna Hate, From Black & White to Color, The Light is That Way, and Lessons & Blessing, I experienced a lot of what I wrote. Experience is a big component to writing and expressing your feelings. Every word I wrote meant something to me and I believe if you pour your heart and mind into your blogs, then your audience will see that. They will feel and understand those experiences and that is how you will have a successful blog post.

In terms of being able to share my ideas and appreciating and learning more about my classmates, I preferred blogging over standard english essays. With essays, it’s difficult to convey your mind and ideas to your peers because in the end, only one person is determining your level of skill and ability and that’s your teacher. Receiving a grade and one comment is fantastic, although looking back at my past english classes where we would spend the whole year, week by week, submitting essays, I was never able to see the lengths and potential of my classmates. With blogging, we took an idea and created posts and topics that branched from it. All posts were diverse and fresh to read and I received a lot of helpful comments that bettered my style of writing rather than just from one perspective. The outcome was this year I’ve grown to respect and admire all my classmates after reading their posts and having these out-of-the-box activities like blogging that allowed for us to expand in our horizons and showcase our talents and voice.

I’ve developed confidence through my writing and expanded in my perspective on countless topics written by my classmates and teacher. Whether I continue this jog in the future, I do not know. But, this race of my English Honors 2 year has been a smooth run where I’ve gained knowledge and found an outlet to demonstrating my capabilities and opinions.


Bloggin’ and joggin’ away

*Fun fact: When creating an account for my english class, my email was taken (which of course was odd). I tried signing in multiple times using the email, finally got in, and I apparently made a WordPress at seven-years-old called Sock Monkeys Rules (the obsession was real). I visited the old blog and my first post was about how I hated my sister for eating the last hot pocket. True story.



  1. David Theriault · September 27, 2015

    PS I want to read that last Hot Pocket post. PPS… don’t forget to always capitalize the word English. Miss you… and your partner in crime.


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