Oh, Sorry

It was a hectic week. Rehearsals everyday, two shows one day and another the next. Being a freshman welcomed into this newfound world of high school theatre, this sounded amazing. We had a week to prepare for our last play of the year and my mind was set on the role that would express my capabilities and allow me to shine and display my urge to perform. To come to think of it now, this situation was much more over exaggerated in my 14-year-old mind, but for all I knew, my audition would be the pivotal moment of my life long line of accomplishments.

There I was, after sparing hours of memorizing and practicing this one-minute monologue, I took one step into the audition room where immediately I felt the heavy stares of five student directors and my theatre teacher as they waited for something good to happen after having seen more than twenty aspiring Thespians audition for their “moment to shine.”

Game time. Life or death. If you do not ace this, there will be no where to go. Heavy thoughts for a 14-year-old, but ultimately, this felt important. I slated, performed, heard laughter, saw smiles, and took one step out and knew everything would come into place. Everything would add up to this moment. Now, it all came down to the cast lists.

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