Break the Rules

I’ve taken into consideration how my mistakes and sins have impacted my life. Have they made a better person? A worse?


I’ve grown up surrounded by this idea where my actions make up who I am and to be identified as an all-around good person, I must follow specific commandments, otherwise I’ll be deemed as unthankful and undeserving for the life that I’ve been granted.


But, there were and still are moments where I’ve broken rules and made impulsive mistakes. As a kid, I would face consequences and allow others to punish and minimize my self-esteem. Now, it’s clear that the only harm in crossing the line is the pity that I impress onto myself. Absorbing hate and judgment is unnecessary. It’s transforming the errors and mistakes in your life into bettering your future decisions that is necessary.

I look at Hester from Scarlett Letter and am inspired by how she moved on from her past. Here we have a woman who committed adultery. Soon enough, her entire community deprecates all that she is as a person based solely on this one circumstance in her life. She lives the next couple of years with shame and disgust struck upon her, but never once did she let the hate rub on her attitude. Never did she look back. She absorbed every minute as a blessing. Had it not been for this “sin” she committed, she would not have her daughter, Pearl. She would not have the more love, knowledge, and confidence that she’s gained from dealing with her mistakes and rejection from society.


To answer my question, my sins have made me who I am…and I like to think that I’m a pretty grounded, positive, and happy person. That’s all I could as for. I’ve discovered that there’s no person who has followed a narrow path composed of perfect decisions. How would one learn and grow? We evolve by learning from our faults. We face consequences, but we’ll also uncover more facets in ourselves and appreciate who we’ve become along the way.



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