A Life in an Hour

Altering my post from a year ago!
Our lives are basically one hour films documenting short clips of our memories…But, how do we know if it’s a “good” film?

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When we watch movies, we are observers. We are spectating a person’s entire life. As we view these captivating films that depict a person, we are able to capture their life in the confined time of an hour. One hour. One hour of the 100,000+ hours we’ve lived in our life we are able to comprehend a person’s lifetime of troubles, love, relationships, feelings, and emotions. Wow.

Films capture a person’s life filled with good and bad–their ups and downs. Films are able to take the worse parts, but then add the best to perceive to the people of the world how one can rise up from their mistakes. They nitpick moments in a life that make a person who they are–the moments that actually matter.

While that still shocks me, I can’t help but question what does that say about our lives–my life? Because within that hour later, that film–that…

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