BTS: “Songs of Finals Week”


Video by: Cathy Bui, Delaney Millican, Jenny Do 

 Written by: Cathy Bui & Jenny Do 


Hi, this is Cathy and Jenny!

For our package, the three of us wanted to create a big video about finals week–in a way that wasn’t too cliche or had already been done in the previous years of BBN.

Luckily for us, Cathy had a mashup that she had pre-written for her talent show that she was about to throw away. She took popular songs that had titles corresponding to the dreadful week of finals and rewrote the lyrics to fit the theme. The original songs included: Lose Yourself (Eminem), Hello (Adele), Fallin’ (Alicia Keys), Beat It (Michael Jackson), Misery (Maroon 5), Final Countdown (Europe), Under Pressure (Queen).

Soon enough, this was our idea:
“Reenact popular music videos that correlate to finals week!”

And so, the ride begins.


For an entire week…

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