Let’s Stay Together

They say with every day, you see changes. Every year, you see changes.

This year…I wish they were good changes.

These past 182 days of 2016, this grand opening-of-a-year, has brought about moments that break my heart. I am yet again reminded that there needs to be more love in this world. I am serious. Love is a feeling, gift, camaraderie that every person today is poorly lacking.

As there is still hate hurting our lives and the lives of undeserving people across the world, we ask why. We always question why and assume that the answer is complicated and yet to be discovered, but to be straight-forward, it all comes down to respecting, accepting, and supporting one another.

If only it were that simple.

I am a senior in high school now, the beginning stages of adulthood. I still see hate within the halls of puberty-struck-en teens. The occasional mean girls who love to gossip and snicker about people’s flaws continue to pass my way. I only hope we see there’s so much more to our lives–that our purpose and right to live happily is beyond suppressing and hurting others.  I want to see that good change as I grow–as we grow.



  1. Jeff · June 30, 2016

    Great post Cathy. The answer to this problem we are experiencing today is very very simple and you explained it well. However the means to reach that answer is the complicated part. If everyone could love and respect each other then let’s work towards that, but if a small part of our world is still dyed in hatred then the problem is still yet to be quarantined. If left alone that small speck of hatred can spread into a wildfire of hatred. The road to achieving this “ideal” world of love and respect for all is extremely difficult if not impossible. As long as there is love, there is hate. In a hopeful sense I would like to disprove that saying. Lets work towards it. Let’s stay together.

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    • mrstomjoness · July 2, 2016

      Thanks, Jeffrey!
      You couldn’t have said it any better! I definitely agree.
      The answer is so simple but being able to fully achieve it takes a process.
      Hope you’re having a great summer! 🙂


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