2017: Hopefully Better

I wrote a blog post last year–listing my New Years Resolution to my future 2017 self. Here I am today, my 2017 present self, writing back to my 2016 past self about my 2016 accomplishments and thinking about my 2017 resolutions for my 2018 self to reflect on…This is getting too complicated–now to the point!

I realize that my 2016 resolutions were extremely vague.


Yes, I am more mindful of my surroundings. Yes, I know my aspirations (college letters await so we’ll see where I go from there). No, not 5’3 unfortunately. Never will be 5’3 unfortunately. And that crafty scarf will remain unfinished for a while.

Well, cheers to this new, fresh list of resolutions! Hopefully better clarified and less vague. Hopefully better. 

1: Run at least 2-3 times a week. You did it in the summer, you can do it again. You may be busy, but you can definitely spare 30 minutes to stay physically healthy!

2:  Keep performing. High school theatre is ending. Community theatre is a dusty shelf that you can brush and touch up on. Go back into acting classes, go out and audition–I don’t know–performing is exhilarating so do something with that. Do something with this passion despite the busyness of college, volunteering, whatever it may be on your schedule.

You never know where it may lead.

3. Stay intact with old friends. Don’t be feared by the new. Don’t reside to the stereotypical  “you only speak to one person from high school” quota. You met some amazing people these past four years. Whether you’re going to opposite schools, keep these people close. Whether you choose to go to a college with a fresh sea of fish, jump in and get to know them.

4. Get a job. I am writing this on December 27, 2016 at 12:20AM. You’ve applied to about five places so far. Did they ever call back? Grasp this new level of responsibility so you can move out after college!!!!! There is a world you need to uncover outside of Fountain Valley, CA. Seriously.

5. Only drink tea, water, healthy all-fruit/vegetable drinks. You’ll be thankful. Your body will be thankful. Win win.

6. Be positive. Smile. Be kind. Pretty cool how easily it can make a person’s day.

It is up to you to make 2017 better.

Hopefully better. 


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