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Painting by Benczúr, Gyula

Eleanor & Park



Eleanor & Park

REVIEW: I’m not one to read romantic books, but from the very positive raves that my friend gave me, I thought I’d give it a try. It was surprisingly a good read! It definitely gives off that cute, teenage, young-love vibe.

I liked how Rainbow Rowell uses a character combo that we wouldn’t expect. An Asian-American with a red-head, Caucasian–do you ever see that? That’s what makes the story great too–it’s that weird match do you say! Their relationship is so realistically expressed too.

And so, I give it a 9/10!



Because I really enjoyed the last book from Rainbow Rowell, I wanted to give another one of her books a go!

My first impression was that Rowell writes the usual teen love novels, but Attachments proved me wrong.

This story instead tells of a adult relationship and how love is just was awkward and difficult to pursue as it is with teens. With dynamic characters and situations that are captivating for not only teenagers but to all audiences, it makes you cry, laugh, and smile.

And so, I give it a 7/10!





Ellen 2Ellen 3

All of Ellen Degeneres‘ books never cease to amaze me and turn my horrible moods and days upside down! I’ve read all her books (especially The Funny Thing Is… I’ve read it more than five times).

I love books written by comedians, so all her books together I rate 9.5/10!




This is my favorite book of all my childhood! Do you ever read those books that really opens your Bloomabilityimagination? Every moment described, every character and situation brought up–you’re able to visually able to picture everything.

This book–and many of Sharon Creech‘s books–are what made me love to read. I was never a reader…but it wasn’t until this book in fourth/fifth grade that I realized that it was because I never found the fitting books that suited my interests.

I love the feeling and tone of this book, how the main character goes to boarding school. I felt carefree and nostalgic reading it! It’s definitely one I could read any moment in my life.

And so, I rate it 10/10!






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