2017: Hopefully Better

I wrote a blog post last year–listing my New Years Resolution to my future 2017 self. Here I am today, my 2017 present self, writing back to my 2016 past self about my 2016 accomplishments and thinking about my 2017 resolutions for my 2018 self to reflect on…This is getting too complicated–now to the point!

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Let’s Stay Together

They say with every day, you see changes. Every year, you see changes.

This year…I wish they were good changes.

These past 182 days of 2016, this grand opening-of-a-year, has brought about moments that break my heart. I am yet again reminded that there needs to be more love in this world. I am serious. Love is a feeling, gift, camaraderie that every person today is poorly lacking.

As there is still hate hurting our lives and the lives of undeserving people across the world, we ask why. We always question why and assume that the answer is complicated and yet to be discovered, but to be straight-forward, it all comes down to respecting, accepting, and supporting one another.

If only it were that simple.

I am a senior in high school now, the beginning stages of adulthood. I still see hate within the halls of puberty-struck-en teens. The occasional mean girls who love to gossip and snicker about people’s flaws continue to pass my way. I only hope we see there’s so much more to our lives–that our purpose and right to live happily is beyond suppressing and hurting others.  I want to see that good change as I grow–as we grow.


Telling a story isn’t simple. You can blandly say: Paul was a poor migrant living in Oklahoma.

And that has no effect on you. Nothing.

Famous and well-told works of writing follow through with back story. It’s main focus is supported with small details that bring its characters and setting to life. It’s more than to just say something–writers must show it. They must use and create evidence to do that–whether it be evidence of non-fiction or fiction.

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Year of Character

Growing up and adapting into young adulthood involves discovering one’s passions for their future–a task that requires utilizing lots of time, experimenting in endless opportunities, and testing new waters. This is a struggle for high schoolers because they must waste their beginning years fulfilling mandatory curriculums and soon enough, are only limited to a minimal two years (junior and senior year) to seek out their actual interests. This is why senior year should not be excluded from our high school careers. After all, it is a pivotal time before being pushed into adulthood where we’re able to create more friendships, take chances, and uncover more facets of ourselves that will build in our character and future.

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Break the Rules

I’ve taken into consideration how my mistakes and sins have impacted my life. Have they made a better person? A worse?


I’ve grown up surrounded by this idea where my actions make up who I am and to be identified as an all-around good person, I must follow specific commandments, otherwise I’ll be deemed as unthankful and undeserving for the life that I’ve been granted.

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Oh, Sorry

It was a hectic week. Rehearsals everyday, two shows one day and another the next. Being a freshman welcomed into this newfound world of high school theatre, this sounded amazing. We had a week to prepare for our last play of the year and my mind was set on the role that would express my capabilities and allow me to shine and display my urge to perform. To come to think of it now, this situation was much more over exaggerated in my 14-year-old mind, but for all I knew, my audition would be the pivotal moment of my life long line of accomplishments.

There I was, after sparing hours of memorizing and practicing this one-minute monologue, I took one step into the audition room where immediately I felt the heavy stares of five student directors and my theatre teacher as they waited for something good to happen after having seen more than twenty aspiring Thespians audition for their “moment to shine.”

Game time. Life or death. If you do not ace this, there will be no where to go. Heavy thoughts for a 14-year-old, but ultimately, this felt important. I slated, performed, heard laughter, saw smiles, and took one step out and knew everything would come into place. Everything would add up to this moment. Now, it all came down to the cast lists.

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Operation Sock Monkey!

PicMonkey Collage2

My english class was assigned an innovation project–a project where the possibilities were endless. We could do anything. Create something, do something, we just had to pursue something! Something that has the potential to make a difference and demonstrate our creativity.

sockmonkeytemplateMy friend, Amanda, and I set out and did something that we shared a deep love for since third grade. With our love for sock monkeys and involvement in my club, “Operation Smile,” where we raise funds for surgeries for children in third world countries with cleft palate lips, we thought it would be a good idea to combine my love for sewing, our love for sock monkeys, and our passion toward the great cause, and make it into something that can not only help those children, but also bring back that sense of childhood for others–making them smile through the wonderful, cute gift of a sock monkey just as it did for us in third grade.

It was a long process. We set out and purchased thirty pairs of baby socks, five bags of cotton, hatched out the ol sewing machine and needles and got to it. Amanda was in charge of the cutting all the monkey parts while I did all the sewing. Once I finished sewing the legs, she would stuff it with cotton. As I sewing all the monkeys, she cut the fabrics and I designed the logos for our packaging.

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Bloggin’s Like Joggin’


Blogging has been like jogging. I knew about it. I’ve tested it once and a while in the past. I wasn’t primarily fond of it until it became a routinely and weekly act. As it was starting to grow on me, I’d gradually forget to do it now and then and feel the need no longer to do so. It was definitely a rocky start but later became something I am passionate about. I found it a great outlet to sharing my voice and seeing my classmates’ personalities through their words and blogs.

Note to future bloggers:


My best and most viewed blog posts were of topics I was very passionate about. They were ones where I couldn’t stop typing and had nonstop ideas flowing back and forth. What I’m able to see now is with each of these posts, Life is LIFE: How Do I Win?, Haters Gonna Hate, From Black & White to Color, The Light is That Way, and Lessons & Blessing, I experienced a lot of what I wrote. Experience is a big component to writing and expressing your feelings. Every word I wrote meant something to me and I believe if you pour your heart and mind into your blogs, then your audience will see that. They will feel and understand those experiences and that is how you will have a successful blog post.

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