The Beautiful Little Fools

Beautiful Little Fools = Heroes

banana goats

Picture: Unknown – Vitamin W

Out of everything we’ve accomplished so far these past few years, reaching full equality on behalf of all genders is still lacking. Men and women still share a pay gap, everyone is being limited to different opportunities, and the point is, these problems still exist. Even though women are establishing themselves as leaders, it seems as though that is not enough. And so,

equalityPeople have adapted the attitude that’s been passed on by previous generations that women are an accessory. By continuously living with this attitude, it grows into our daily lives. The Great Gatsby a is prime example of this. Daisy says,

“I’m glad it’s a girl. And I hope she’ll be a fool – that’s the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool.”

Daisy has accepted the lifestyle impressed  by society. She’s adapted this mindset that women easily…

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BTS: “Songs of Finals Week”


Video by: Cathy Bui, Delaney Millican, Jenny Do 

 Written by: Cathy Bui & Jenny Do 


Hi, this is Cathy and Jenny!

For our package, the three of us wanted to create a big video about finals week–in a way that wasn’t too cliche or had already been done in the previous years of BBN.

Luckily for us, Cathy had a mashup that she had pre-written for her talent show that she was about to throw away. She took popular songs that had titles corresponding to the dreadful week of finals and rewrote the lyrics to fit the theme. The original songs included: Lose Yourself (Eminem), Hello (Adele), Fallin’ (Alicia Keys), Beat It (Michael Jackson), Misery (Maroon 5), Final Countdown (Europe), Under Pressure (Queen).

Soon enough, this was our idea:
“Reenact popular music videos that correlate to finals week!”

And so, the ride begins.


For an entire week…

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A Life in an Hour

Altering my post from a year ago!
Our lives are basically one hour films documenting short clips of our memories…But, how do we know if it’s a “good” film?

banana goats

When we watch movies, we are observers. We are spectating a person’s entire life. As we view these captivating films that depict a person, we are able to capture their life in the confined time of an hour. One hour. One hour of the 100,000+ hours we’ve lived in our life we are able to comprehend a person’s lifetime of troubles, love, relationships, feelings, and emotions. Wow.

Films capture a person’s life filled with good and bad–their ups and downs. Films are able to take the worse parts, but then add the best to perceive to the people of the world how one can rise up from their mistakes. They nitpick moments in a life that make a person who they are–the moments that actually matter.

While that still shocks me, I can’t help but question what does that say about our lives–my life? Because within that hour later, that film–that…

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Drive-Thru miracle

Probably one of the sweetest things I’ve read 🙂


I currently work at Carl’s Jr. Yeah, it’s not the most ideal job, but I needed a way to make money and this place was kind enough to hire me. Anyways, I could go on about how this job kinda sucks but where’s the fun in reading a bunch of complaints from a teenager. Instead I’ll tell you an amazing story that happened to me at work that is sure to make you smile.

It all started when I got to work 2 minutes late as usual. I counted my register, stocked up the beverage bar, and just went on with my normal routine. Little did I know that in a couple hours something I would remember for the rest of my life was going to happen.

It was nearing 7 o’clock. This is the time we call “rush hour”, which is when many cars come to the drive through…

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A Few Complaints About Texting

It is so fascinating how our lifestyle has evolved. With all these fancy upgrades in technology and the internet, we have definitely developed a closed-knit relationship with the way we prefer to speak to others through those sources. Teenagers–these people who will be running, watching, CONTROLLING our lives in the near future–are losing that sense of interaction and capability to be social and to be strong leaders.
Technology, while it has its benefits, is blocking our young minds to see the value of the true world. With texting especially, we’ve grown a liking toward a somewhat lazy lifestyle where visiting a friend’s house or meeting up at a skating rink–something that expands your life’s experiences– is less appealing than staring at a screen, seeing nothing but flashing words and lights.
For me personally, I barely text unless necessary. I find it difficult to process what the sender is trying to say. And it doesn’t make it easier now that we’ve created all these other word options such as, “gg,” and “tfti.” I much rather speak what I want to say through a call taking or face to face than spend my time typing everything word by word, so this posts perfectly gathers all my emotions toward texting and communicating.

it also sounds like pineapple

Teenagers are supposed to be the “pros” of texting. I, on the other hand, am NOT a pro when it comes to texting. In fact, texting has always been complicated. It’s a great alternative to calling someone, when you don’t want to hear their voice, or your own. You can type out poop emojis to express fear, joy, pain, anger, but that’s what makes emojis confusing and people can misinterpret your message easily and often.

poop emoji

Figuring out the tone of a text can be as complex as watching shutter island at the age of seven. Key and Peele’s video about “Text Message Confusion” is a perfect example of how two people interpret one message. *Beware* profanity is to be expected( The title even says uncensored). You can always ask what the person meant in their message, but who wants to ask that regularly. It’s like asking someone what…

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I Have It Easy…I Want More.


Artist/Photography Unknown

I’m not greedy, just hear me out.

I was recently told that I have it too easy in life–that I don’t deserve this simple life that I was born into. A life where it isn’t necessary for myself to get a job at a young age in order to help my family to survive–a path where I never truly experienced loss or tragedy over money, shelter, and most importantly, loved ones. And I was told that it was extremely ungracious of me to have an urge to dig deeper into this world of possibilities rather than keep this lucky and sustained life I have now.

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